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The Real Reason Behind Facebook’s India Growth Story    
August 5, 2010, 10:00 am | தலைப்புப் பக்கம்

It’s a known phenomena that Facebook is beating Orkut in India , and while there are quite a few theories around FB win, the most insightful answer comes from the horses’ mouth, i.e. from Mark Zuckerberg. One theory that is behind the growth of Facebook is the fact that the service was mostly driven by one’s friends in US and had a little aspirational appeal towards it. A whole lot of early adopters in India started using the service, as most of their friends moved to US (for study/job)...தொடர்ந்து படிக்கவும் »

Spotted: Mark Zuckerberg Dancing @Indian Wedding [Caption Contest]    
July 23, 2010, 2:41 pm | தலைப்புப் பக்கம்

Facebook is on a roll in India– the company announced crossing 12 million users in India and in a month or so, expect FB to cross Orkut in traffic. But this post has nothing to do with Facebook’s global domination.  It’s  actually about Mark Zuckerberg’s tryst with Indian wedding (he was in Pune, India in the month of Jan, 2010) and here is his dancing photo spotted in the wild. Caption Contest For weekend fun, give us a caption for the picture. Winning entry gets a free UnPluGGd Tee....தொடர்ந்து படிக்கவும் »

Revenue per Employee – Key Stats from Technology Companies    
May 26, 2010, 8:24 am | தலைப்புப் பக்கம்

You can’t be a product startup if you aren’t measuring revenue/employee number. Unless you are superbly well funded and have lots of cash to throw away, each hire has to have specific KRA and most importantly, the product/service needs to be delivered in the most optimum form. In fact, at the UnPluggd event, this was one of the key takeaway from Sri Krishna’s session [+ the ratio of sales/engineers in a technology business]. Here is a great piece of data compiled for the top...தொடர்ந்து படிக்கவும் »

From selling Prepaid SIM cards to Building Telecom Business [UnPluGGd ...    
May 6, 2010, 11:38 am | தலைப்புப் பக்கம்

At UnPluGGd event, we had some of the most inspiring stories from entrepreneurs and one such story is of Sony Joy, founder of Mobme. What started as a pocket money initiative turned into a serious business, but lesser known part is the ‘fun part’ that MobMe team had to went through [for instance, receiving calls from OnMobile during the exam time!]. Here is Sony Joy, UnPluGGd Presentation The MobME Story – March 2010 View more presentations from Sony Joy. Also see: Inspiring story of...தொடர்ந்து படிக்கவும் »

Wordpress 3.0 – What Lies Ahead? Awesomeness    
April 4, 2010, 9:13 am | தலைப்புப் பக்கம்

Wordpress 3.0 is on its way and here are a few feature releases that lies ahead. But before that, let me share a big messaging change that Wordpress is enabling 3.0 onwards Revise Administration > Settings > General panel, change "Blog" reference to "Site" Wordpress isn’t just a blogging platform anymore and post 3.0 onwards, its more than a CMS. Read on to get perspective on upcoming release of 3.0. Wordpress and WP MU to be Merged First and foremost, Wordpress...தொடர்ந்து படிக்கவும் »

On Hand Crafted Content and TC’s Googlle [Wake up Silicon Valley]    
January 3, 2010, 8:36 am | தலைப்புப் பக்கம்

TC does it again – they have a post on how some school in India (Googlle Institute of Software of Software Studies) is using Google name to it’s benefit Yes, it appears that some jokers in India are attempting to leverage not only Google’s name, but their logo and even favicon to trick people into thinking they their quite-possibly-bogus online university is related to the real Google somehow. Dubbed the “School For Future Software Engineers,” the Googlle Institute has a website that looks...தொடர்ந்து படிக்கவும் »

Govt. can block websites (and you cannot contest the decision) – IT Ac...    
June 15, 2009, 5:37 am | தலைப்புப் பக்கம்

The Indian govt. has donned Talibani hat and is gearing up to control Internet and information disseminated in the upcoming IT bill. The last updated IT bill was passed in 2008 and the latest changes sounds like an attempt to control information. Here are a few points from the amendment: The Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Government of India shall designate and notify in official Gazette, an officer of the...தொடர்ந்து படிக்கவும் »

Roundup: Zook: Idea Cellular,Vodafone: Hollywood and more    
June 8, 2009, 9:20 am | தலைப்புப் பக்கம்

Zook has partnered with Idea Cellular to power Idea’s Stock Search and Subscription Service. Under the ‘Stock Search and Subscription Service’, IDEA would provide the subscribers with updated stock market SMS alerts on their mobile, enabling them to keep an eye on their portfolio while on the move. Unlike other broadcast services, one can choose to be alerted on specific stocks. The service is available @ Rs. 30/month rate and is available to Idea’s Punjab subscribers – More...தொடர்ந்து படிக்கவும் »

30 Kickass Firefox Plugins for Web Developers    
May 14, 2009, 8:27 am | தலைப்புப் பக்கம்

I work closely with web developers (I am one, when it comes to tweaking and have often witnessed how they stumble at simple things – especially when it comes to following specifications from the UI team. Here is an attempt to bring useful firefox plugins that web developers (as well as UI team) should use: Highly Recommended Firefox Plugins Web Developer Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools. Lets you resize the window to check out how the site will look like...தொடர்ந்து படிக்கவும் »

Dual SIM Phone in India – Patent Holder Demands Royalty. Imports Halte...    
March 16, 2009, 6:04 am | தலைப்புப் பக்கம்

Dual SIM handset manufacturers have been asked to stop import of phones as the patent holder (Somasundaram Ramkumar of Madurai) is seeking royalty of Rs. 35/ for every phone shipped to India. Somasundaram Ramkumar, holds patent (awarded last year) “in India for phones with a plurality of SIM cards allocated to different communication networks” – and since the application is valid for 5 years, companies like Nokia, Samsung, Meridian Mobile and Spice might have to cough up the...தொடர்ந்து படிக்கவும் »

eFarm - Farm-to-Home supply chain Platform    
March 4, 2009, 9:56 am | தலைப்புப் பக்கம்

Chennai based startup, eFarm is a farm-to-home supply chain platform for procuring and delivering farm based produce in a transparent, economical and efficient manner . Essentially, eFarm ties all the entities in value chain – right from farmers, intermediaries, logistics providers, distributors,small time retailers, all the way up to the local road side vendor into a single chain to deliver fresh, clean,low priced farm produce. This is how eFarm works: Identifies the demand from customers...தொடர்ந்து படிக்கவும் »

$10 Laptop is a Storage Device..[Shhh..ame]    
February 4, 2009, 8:49 am | தலைப்புப் பக்கம்

The much-hyped $10 laptop actually turned out to be a storage device, containing megabytes of data info which can be accessed by a user by connecting this device to a laptop! “..the computing device is 10 inches long and 5 inches wide and has been priced at around $30. The 10” long and 5” wide hand-held device, resembling a palmtop or a modem, helps e-learners access the Web easily. Priced versions of e-content available on the Net can be accessed through this device. The cost of the...தொடர்ந்து படிக்கவும் »