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Sarah Lacy

Redefining Education…in a Tree House    
June 2, 2010, 6:59 am | தலைப்புப் பக்கம்

At some point or another every kid has dreamt of living in something like the Swiss Family Robinson’s tree house; even fictional children like Bart Simpson. I think I could have settled for going to school there. And—fantastical as it seems—that’s exactly what the Green School in Bali feels like. A few weeks ago I wrote about Web and mobile technology remaking education, but in the middle of the jungle – within a cluster of bamboo buildings nominated for various architectural awards...தொடர்ந்து படிக்கவும் »

Yes, You Can Build a Web Company in India. Here’s How.    
March 25, 2010, 4:39 am | தலைப்புப் பக்கம்

Silicon Valley and India have a cozy relationship, but a big question has resulted in friction, failed companies and millions in losses: When will the Internet catch on in India in a big way? A few companies have done well and a few more are coming up, slowly but surely. But there are hardly any true breakout hits. RedBus is pretty close. It’s essentially an Expedia for bus tickets in India. It sells about 3,500 bus seats per day, is the fourth most-trafficked Web site in India and has at...தொடர்ந்து படிக்கவும் »
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